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SpaceTone is a rhythm game combined closely with story. 
In the game you will play the role of Reaper who judges dying lives through music.

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  • Unlock new song: Collect stories to unlock new songs.
  • Read story: Clear stage to get more stories and read Full story in story system.
  • Get story clue: Use the classic point-and-click interface to get more story clues.


Our space is filled with countless tones, 
which take the form of countless souls.
As an operator of life and death,
YOU are the one who dive into music,
and examine those on the verge of death.
Where would you lead them to? 


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit
  • Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce® GTX 770 / AMD Radeon™ R9 270
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Any

Note: The demo version is about an hour long. Hope you like it!

If you have any question or Bug, please leave your comment or
 contact us by following links.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SSS.SpaceTone/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sss_spacetone
email: milk@spacesoysauce.com
steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/865870/SpaceTone/

Space Soy Sauce studio
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreRhythm, Adventure, Visual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, Anime, Atmospheric, Cute, Fantasy, Music, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Steam Greenlight, Steam, Twitter


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SpaceToneDemo_Eng(ver1.2).rar 222 MB
SpaceToneDemo_繁體中文(ver1.2).rar 221 MB
SpaceToneDemo_简体中文(ver1.2).rar 221 MB
SpaceToneDemo_Eng(ver1.2).zip 234 MB
SpaceToneDemo_繁體中文(ver1.2).zip 236 MB
SpaceToneDemo_简体中文(ver1.2).zip 236 MB

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hoping for key bind settings, I'm not used to sdfjkl, and i would prefer dfvnjk instead, and i desperately need a calibration settings for the device delay

i wish that you could chose how many keys there are. I tried to play it on PC but its 6 fingers and I wish i could put it to 4. I'm not good enough at beat games to be able to use anything above 4 fingers. So would be nice to switch how many keys the songs have.

y its fullscreen?ALT+F4

Deleted 4 days ago

i wanted to play this game since it looked dope but it ended up crashing 5 seconds into the gam


It's sad that this games never gonna be continued

couldnt open on my mac :,(

This is an amazing game but there need to be a setting that you can change the keybinds bcause I'm not used to sdfjkl so pls do that in the full game

I would love to play this game but for some reason, it wont let me download the game... i was looking forward to playing it.

This game has fascinate arts. However, as a rhythm game, it needs to be polish, especially the note efficiency.


I wanna play it but for some reason it wont download ;-

(1 edit)

The game softlocks when I try to play level 3, and after that it happens to the other levels as well. The game music starts and the background shows up but the notes don't and it stays like that.

It'd be really good if you can add in settings so we can choose which keys signify which line as I wanted to use the keys d f g h j and k because my hands are small meaning I can merge my hand to the other side if I want to without the fear of misstepping. As of right now it's pretty easy to complete all of the songs with a least a C because you can just keyboard smash through it all (which I enjoyed a lot). I don't know whether it's just my computer but every time I finish a song I have to close and open it again so the game won't go slow and glitch out. My computer has over 100 GB free so storage can't be a problem. It would be helpful if you could fix it. It would look really nice if you can have a wider alternative for colours of the notes. I do really love the story and the artstyle. The soft drawings are really calming. :D

Okay okay here me out. Is that. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. THEY BOTH WEAR HATS AND THEY BOTH ARE YELLOW DOGGOS.

can i help transleting for portuguese?

Awesome game. This was one of those works of art that hit me in my soul.

(1 edit)

Amazing, amazing, really amazing, i loved the art and the music i am anxious for your game.

Ps: The bad thing is that I will not be able to play the final game because of the requirements ;-;

why the the third time i play it doesnt work? the music cant load out and it been a picture?  Y

i havent play this but trailer is really great

Hi, Coconut Mousse
Thanks for your comment about trailer!

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First impressions on the demo (played up till Eve Special)

  • Charts should have a number to indicate its difficulties (like 1-15, etc)
  • Eve Pro and Special seems exactly the same thing to me, right up to its gimmicks. Perhaps it is an oversight?
  • Chart layering feels inconsistent, suffers from the O2Mania 'noodle chart' syndrome and jacks in weird places. (Might be coming off as harsh here, but the charts need improvement imo)
  • Seems hard to hit notes perfectly. The timing judgment could be a tad too strict or that my offset is wrong (But I don't see an option to see my offset so I couldn't verify for the latter)
  • Other suggestions I'd like to put are already in the comments before me, so I don't wish to repeat things too much.

PS: I have experience in making notecharts for Stepmania for years. Feel free to contact me if you need a tester and/or note charter :)

Hi, eos428
Thanks for your feedback!
We will improve some of suggestions you gave before game release.
(ex:add number of chart) So please expect it!

That's Great! You have experience in making notecharts for years!
Maybe we can cooperate in the future.
Would you mind leave contact information by email for me?

Sent an email at you!

Some first impressions on the English Demo:

The game looks great, but I feel as if some of the art is a little bit blurry, despite setting it to 1980x1080 and testing on both fastest and fantastic quality settings. The effects are a little too much for me, with all the combo flashing on the sides of the screen and the massive explosion effect when you hit a note, blocking what notes you can see. The note explosion effect feels so laggy.

The music is absolutely beautiful. At times the audio can be too loud, so hoping that there is an option to adjust this later on. I also like how you unlock the story as you play through the songs, although it's not really explained precisely how you unlock chapters and songs, other than to keep repeating a song until you get a good score or something.

I've already spent my entire day playing this game, it's too addictive.


  • I think it good if there was an option to play in borderless windowed, since I frequently multitask on multiple monitors.
  • An option to skip cutscenes or revisit them would be good too.
  • There should be an in-game options menu for the Controls, Audio, Gameplay/UI etc. in the final version.
  • The clickable area for the left and right arrows in the tutorial window aren't very clear, so I keep closing the window instead of moving on to the next page. It might be better to close the window through an "X" or return button, instead of by clicking anywhere on the window.
  • The "Press to Play" is a little misleading, as you need to click above where the Judgement Line would be. I initially tried clicking on the "Press to play" text itself, and then around the text which also didn't work.
  • During gameplay, I found it hard to do precise notes without hit sounds. Something like a simple click or "ding" sound when the player hits a note will be enough.
  • I often lose track of which notes each line represents as the note count increases. Perhaps if there is a better distinction to better indicate which lines are which finger or hand? Something like having a default tone of grey -> light blue -> dark blue, then a line separating both hands?
  • I feel the note hit effect should be made smaller to be less intrusive, and significantly sped up so that it goes away faster. Maybe even an opacity setting on it would be good.
  • The game is insanely difficult once you begin playing on Hard. Even Easy mode on Eve is terrifying. I don't see myself getting a decent score on that one anytime soon...


  • When opening the tutorial after closing it once on page 2+, any text or images that was on the page will remain there when you reopen the window, overlapping first page.
  • Pausing at the beginning of the  the song will desync the music from the notes. The music will start playing before the notes arrive. Pausing repeatedly will make it worse. This only occurs at the beginning before the song actually starts, and there is no issue during the song.
  • Sometimes the audio crackles and the game slows down significantly while you are playing a song.  My CPU, GPU, and memory usage all seem to be perfectly stable when this occurs, so I don't know why it starts to stutter like this. It happens randomly and goes away after maybe a minute of playing. This is a really annoying issue, as it starts to slow down or speed up the song significantly.
  • The last page on the tutorial should read "Introduction to game controls are finished. Please the start button to start the game.", as there is no right arrow on screen.

Other notes:

  • I also noticed that the FPS of the approaching notes are really low at lower speeds. At the default of Speed 3, the notes seem to run at 15FPS or something, while at Speed 6 it begins to run smoothly. When you play at Speed 1, you can clearly see the notes skipping towards you.
  • There some places in the text throughout the game that seem to have double spaces, or lack spaces. But I'm glad that so far there hasn't been many examples of poor translation like there was in the trailer. I do feel like some of the wording could have been written a bit better, but it doesn't really take away from the enjoyment of the game.
  • Easy difficulty feels like playing on normal or hard, while hard feels like playing on pro. I'm really bad at these rhythm games, so that's no surprise there, but there are just so many notes and patterns I can't begin to keep up on any difficulty past easy mode. O_O
  • I've FC'ed 2 Easy mode songs so far, but I'm too bad at it to get any more :(

Hi Sonny6155:
Thank you very much for such a rich feedback! All of the suggestions are very important to us, and we will take a cautious view of them.
We will continue to improve the performance and fix the bugs of the game before the early-access version launch. Stay tuned :D

Deleted 213 days ago

Hi Thasyka:
Yes, the demo version is end at Eve. We'll add BPM and difficulty number where you setting speed in the next version.
And we had a calibration setting menu before but it has a little bug so we hide it temporary :P. We'll put it back after fixing it!
Thanks for your suggestion :D

This looks so cool! Could you please make it for mac?

Hi, NegaTori
Thanks for your feedback! We'll make mac version as soon as possible~

There's no way to claim this. The page only has a download button.

I've always loved rhythm games and this one is no exception. The music and visuals were great. The only complaint I had was I'd like to see the keys on the screen. I just personally feel that it would help players, especially new ones, and then for other people to have a setting to turn it off. But that's some of my thoughts. Here's my first impressions video: 

Hi, Mutant Gamer
Thanks a lot for the first impression video you make !!!
About your feedback, we'll add 6 key hints in the game, 
maybe let player adjust transparency of hint in setting page.
And Thanks again for your feedback! :-D


This is a really great game! Truly the best rhythm game I've ever played (I haven't played many rhythm games o.o). The art is great. It's really hard and intense. The only problem I have with this game is that the music cracks sometimes. Maybe it's because I chose Great graphics instead of Fastest. Who knows.

Looking forward to the full version!

I appreciate your feedback and your support!! 
And we still improve performance of game. 
SpaceTone full version will launch in recent month, please look forward it!!

There's no option to claim the game.